In today’s world reducing costs is a priority for any organization. With the combined power of virtualization and unified communications, mission-critical voice applications are joining enterprise business applications in the mainstream data center.

Every company has unique needs from their communication systems. Lexicon provides customers the choice to pick the deployment model that best suits their needs–offering the ultimate flexibility via “mix-and-match” implementation options across a distributed architectural platform. Customers can choose to implement purpose-built appliances, virtualized applications, or a combination of both.  We offer applications for simple PBX’s, sophisticated call centers, and hosted dialing services.

The ability to virtualize key applications complements Lexicon’s distributed architecture and allows customers to take advantage of virtualized infrastructure benefits, such as server consolidation, increased security, operational flexibility, and higher applications availability during planned and unplanned downtime in order to achieve cost savings and business continuity objectives.  Our services are designed to automatically fail-over between geo-diverse locations so your communications are seamless.

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