Lexicon has been a leader in the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) consulting services for many years. Since its inception, Lexicon has provided high quality customer service to ISPs and WISPs. ISPs across North America from coast to coast have used our Engineering and Support Services!

WISP/ISP Support

We offers a number of different types of support services to both WISP Operators and ISPs.
Below is a listing of service types that we can assist you with.
  • We have multiple network experts on staff.
  • All of our engineers are experts in RouterOS, Routing, TCP/IP, Protocols/Ports, DNS, mail server systems, and other related network devices.
  • We know how to do automated activation, suspension, and BILLING!
  • Think of us as “just another support engineer” on your staff.  You can contact us and have an engineer take charge in a changes or assist your existing staff with the design of your new networks and locations.
  • Need a third-party to assist with a customer service experience? We can conference your customers in, and will act on behalf of your support team to insure the customers receives the information and troubleshooting that they need.

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